(In partnership with Dario Bombini) Midfielderwho can playontheleft, ontheright and also in the center as SD. Technically he is a playerendowedwithunbeatableskill in the use of theball, he is a perfectgameorganizer, assistant and strategist. Excellent in medium and long distance shots.

Date of birth: 1995-11-16

Nationality: Argentinean

Passport: Argentinean

Height: 1.75

Skillful leg: Left

First division debut: 2014


Talleres de Cordoba, Boca Jrs.


Champion with Talleres de Córdoba of the Federal A tournament of the year 2015 and of the tournament of the First National B of the year 2016. Champion with Boca Jrs. of the first division tournament of the year 2017/2018. Champion Supercopa Argentina 2019 with Boca Jrs. and Champion Superliga Argentina 2019/2020 with Boca Jr.

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