de Vincenti


Player of great fastness. Very precise movements at the time of passing the ball and gifted at dribbling. Excellent shooting with both legs.

Date of birth: 1989-02-09

Nationality: Argentinean

Passport: Community

Height: 1.80

Skillful leg: Right

First division debut: 2009


Excursionista, Pas Giannina (Grecia), Kalamata (Grecia), Pas Giannina (Grecia) Olympiakos (Grecia), Apoel F.C. (Chipre), Al Shabab, Apoel F.C. (Chipre).


2014 1st Division Cyprus (Apoel FC), 2014 Cyprus Cup (Apoel FC), 2015 1st Division Cyprus (Apoel FC), 2015 Cyprus Cup (Apoel FC), 2016 1st Division Cyprus (Apoel FC), 2019 1st Division Cyprus (Apoel FC) ), 2019 Super Chipr Cup (Apoel FC)

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